Have you seen a child? A small child...
He went to go look for flower seeds at the Watch Tower and hasn't come back!
I'm really getting worried... What if something happened?

—Dwarf in Dwarf Village

08 A Lost Child (迷子のドワーフ, Maigo no Dowāfu, lit. Lost Dwarf Child) is one of the events in Tomba!.


Find the lost dwarf child in the Watch Tower and then return him to the Dwarf Village.


Talk to the dwarf in one of the huts in the Dwarf Village. He will mention his lost son and ask Tomba to help him find his son.

Go to the right part of Watch Tower, where a L-shaped pink platform can be found. Make a running leap to the left to find a platform. Continue to the left and avoid/defeat the Spider. After that, you'll find a little kid walking back and forward.

Talk to the kid, and he'll say that he was looking for Flower Seeds and wants to go home. Talk to him again and he'll jump onto Tomba's back. Now you want to go back to the Dwarf Village, where the son and his father reunite. The father will reward Tomba with a Cheese. The event is cleared.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 迷子のドワーフ (Maigo no Dowāfu) "Lost Dwarf Child"


  • The child will stop Tomba if the player decides to take a detour.