24 A Precious Treasure Chest? (大事な宝箱?, Daiji no Takarabako?) is an event in the first game. This event introduces a new weapon in the series, the Grapple.


Open the treasure chest outside the entrance of the Lava Caves and find out what's inside.


Note: You need to clear the The 1,000 Year Old Man? event before you can clear this event.

Talk to the man who is standing beside a 1,000 year old treasure chest outside the entrance to the Lava Caves to activate the event.

If you haven't already rescued the 1,000 Year Old Man in the Haunted Mansion at this point, you cannot progress in the event for now. If you have, talk to the same man again and he will let Tomba open the Treasure Chest, which contains a Grapple. Obtain the Grapple and the event is cleared.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 大事な宝箱? (Daiji no Takarabako?)
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