Tomba, you've finally made it! I've been waiting for you.

—The Real Evil Pig

58 A Real Evil Pig (本当の魔ブタ, Hontou no Ma Buta) is the final primary event in Tomba!.


Defeat the final Evil Pig in the game.


The Real Evil Pig is capable of using all the magic that the previous Evil Pigs have used. In addition to this, whenever he appears too close to Tomba, he will stop time and warp before Tomba can actually jump on him. Although it is possible to defeat him on the ground, it is much easier to catch him from a ledge.

After throwing him in the Evil Pig Bag on the right side of the playing field, the event will clear and the ending will play.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 本当の魔ブタ (Hontou no Ma Buta)
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