It takes Healing Mushrooms to take away the effects of Chuckling and Weeping Mushrooms, right? [...] What should I take to get well? I remember there's lots of weird mushrooms around there... There's got to be some safe kind...

—Baccus villager

74 A Safe Mushroom? (まともなキノコ, Matomo na Kinoko, lit. Honest Mushroom) is an event in Tomba!.


Open the AP box in Mushroom Forest and retrieve a mushroom that can heal status ailments gained from eating the mushrooms of the forest.


After clearing the The 1,000 Year Old Man? event, a Baccus villager will appear on the right side of the fountain in the Central Park. Talk to him to active the event.

In order to clear this event, Tomba must have 150,000 Adventure Points to be able to open the AP box in the background area of the Mushroom Forest. Once the box is opened, Tomba will receive the Ordinary Mushroom and the event is cleared.

Hints to get quick AP

There are different ways to get AP, but the quickest way is to clear secondary events.

  • Something's Cookin'?, Biting Plant Flower and the events involving Baron combined gives a total of 51,000 AP.
  • Each tossed enemy will give 500 AP when it hits a wall, which will add up in the long run unless the player decides to ignore confronting any enemies.
  • Each boss fight against a Evil Pig gives 20,000 AP but are not available until around midgame.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese まともなキノコ (Matomo na Kinoko) Honest Mushroom
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