You know, I've been looking at Baron and thinking... He might have some special powers...

—Healer in Dwarf Village

Baron is a dog found in both games. He has the ability to fly with Tomba to any previously visited location, like the Bells and Charity Wings. He is voiced by Paul Rosa in the second game.

In the first game, he is found as a puppy in the Forest of 100 Flowers and slowly grows into adulthood during the story of the game. In the second game, he is found in Donglin Forest as a stone statue and must be freed in order to join Tomba on his quest.



He is first found in the The Forest of 100 Flowers, where he is an injured little puppy. When Tomba brings him to the Dwarf druid in Dwarf Village, she reveals that he can be cured with some Healing Herbs from Phoenix Mountain, a Knowledge Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge in Masakari Jungle and some Seaweed from the beach between the Mushroom Forest and the Mansion. After Tomba has obtained and delivered the items, Baron will eventually become healthy and follow Tomba on his journey, allowing him to use his flying ability.

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

He can be found as a stone statue in Donglin Forest. In order to free him, Tomba must use a bucket of Holy water, which can be obtained from the Water Temple. Just like in the first game, Baron can fly to any location Tomba has been visiting earlier.



Primary events

Secondary events

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return


  • Getting on Baron
  • Baron lands in Village of All Beginnings
  • Puppy Baron in Dwarf Village
  • Baron runs away if you try to enter Watch Tower while carrying him.


  • If the player tries take a detour into the Watch Tower on their way to Dwarf Village while carrying Baron, he will run back to the same place where he was picked up.
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