Using a Bell...

..And arriving at destination

Bells are items that allows Tomba to travel to the location each bell represents; for example, the Coal Mining Bell transports Tomba to Coal-Mining Town and the 100-Year Old Bell transports him to the 100 Year Old Wise Man's hut.

They are used to transport Tomba to the Old Men of Time in the first game, while in the second game, they transport him to various locations; like Donglin Forest, Coal-Mining Town and the Minitta Machine in the Water Temple. In the first game, they are acquired by opening chests that need the corresponding key, such as the 100 Year Old Bell is found in a 100 Year Old Treasure Chest, that uses the 100 Year Old Key. In the second game they are obtained when clearing certain quests and inside treasure chests.

List of Bells


Image Name Description
100 Year Old Bell.png
100 Year Old Bell Found on top of the tree inside a 100 Year Old treasure chest beside the last building found in Village of All Beginnings.
1,000 Year Old Bell.png
1,000 Year Old Bell Inside a 1,000 Year Old treasure chest high up in the Mushroom Forest.
10,000 Year Old Bell.png
10,000 Year Old Bell Found inside a 10,000 Year Old treasure chest next to the entrance to Trick Village in Ol' Pond.
Million-Year Old Bell.png
Million-Year Old Bell Found inside a Million-Year Old treasure chest on top of the Watch Tower.

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

Image Name Description
Coal Mine Bell.png
Coal Mine Bell Found inside a blue treasure chest outside the Cafeteria in Coal-Mining Town. The Hammer is required in order to knock down a pole into the ground to gain access to it.
Donglin Bell.png
Donglin Bell Automatically acquired after the Kill the Guards! event.
Minitta Bell.png
Minitta Bell Acquired after the Tiny Tomba/Mini Tomba event.


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