Biting Plant

Biting Plants (Kamituki in the Japanese version) is a egg shaped enemy found in the first game. They can be found in various locations in the game. Small Biting Plants can be found in Phoenix Mountain. A red larger type of Biting Plants can be found in the Masakari Jungle, that deals twice as much damage compared to the white plants. Whenever Tomba jumps over a Biting Plant, it will try to bite him.

Unlike most enemies in the game; this type of enemy cannot be defeated, however, if Tomba strikes it with one of his weapons, they get stunned for a short period of time, which is barely enough to jump over it.


  • Biting Plants in the Forest of All Beginnings.
  • A Biting Plant turning into a Biting Plant Flower after eating a blue fruit.
Sitting Tomba