Bonsugee is the name of the flying enemy found in the background area of the Mushroom Forest from the first game. It resembles a multicolored jellyfish with four tentacles and one eye. They are connected to the Monster Hunt event and will drop a Tear Bottle (yellow) and Rise & Shine Powder (blue) when defeated.

A violet-colored Bonsugee can be found inside a cage in the Lumberjack Factory.

How to defeat

Bonsugees attack by sucking up Tomba and flinging him through the air.

The only way to defeat them is to knock them into each other. However, when Tomba lands on the head of a bonsugee, the other will retreat and avoid being hit. To defeat them, Tomba must first catch them at the side, which will cause them to cover their eyes. Whilst one isn't looking, Tomba can then leap onto the head of the other bonsugee and throw it into the other.


  • The caged Bonsugee found in the Lumberjack Factory.
  • The yellow bonsugees
  • A Bonsugee in Mushroom Forest.
  • The two Bonsugees for Monster Hunt.
  • A successful hit!
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