Chick from an Egg (タマゴからヒナドリ, Tamago kara Hinatori, lit. Chick from Egg) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This is the first event that is required to unlock the additional events.


Get the chicks out of the eggs lying on top of the seesaws in Town of the Fishermen.


Jump upon any of the seesaws and either hit or leap on it in order to make it roll down in one of the barrels at the end of the seesaws. The color of the chick determines which side of the barrel is facing upwards (red or blue).

When the eggs has rolled down into the barrels, hit it with a weapon in order to release the chick. The event Where is the Bird's Nest? will be activated when you catch one chick. When you have caught both chicks, the event will be cleared.


In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Spanish Polluelo de un huevo
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