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02 Clear the Fog (霧を吹き飛ばせ, Kiri no Fukitobase, lit. Blow Away the Fog) is an event in Tomba!. It is the first event in the game, excluding Grandpa's Bracelet. As this is a Primary event, it is required to clear in order to progress in the game.


Blow away the thick fog, which is blocking the way to the Forest of All Beginnings.


After speaking to the citizen, turn towards the small house on your left and jump on it by holding Up and pressing the jump button (X by default). Climb on the roof, then jump on or attack the mailbox with a weapon. A small cutscene will play and you will acquire the Furious Tornado, that is essential to clear the fog.

Go ahead until you reach another house, the same citizen will show up and speak to you telling that the fog is too thick and you cannot pass. Climb on the house until the fog appears. Use the Furious Tornado and the fog will disappear allowing you to reach the Forest of All Beginnings.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 霧を吹き飛ばせ (Kiri no Fukitobase) "Blow Away the Fog"


  • The citizen from before is talking to Tomba about the thick fog.
  • Tomba obtaining the Furious Tornado.
  • The Furious Tornado sweeping away the fog that is covering the Forest of All Beginnings.


  • Sometimes the cutscene depicting the fog leaving the area will be followed by another cutscene where fog is leaving the Masakari Jungle long before the player has had the chance to visit the location.
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