There is a fruit In the Mushroom Forest called the Fruit of Death. This fruit kills all other plants in the forest. It's a real nasty bugger! Could you help us get rid of this deadly fruit?

—Resident of Baccus Village

81 Death Fruit Juice (死に神の実をつぶせ!, Shinigami no Mi o Tsubuse!, lit. Crush the Death God Fruit!) is an event in Tomba!.


Defeat all five Fruits of Death in the Mushroom Forest.


Hint: Use Up and Down to move the camera up and down when searching for the Fruits of Death in the Mushroom Forest.

Activate the event by talking to one if the mice inside the bar of Baccus Village after clearing the Monster Hunt event. He will ask Tomba to defeat five fruits called the "Fruit of Death" in the Mushroom Forest and gives him Weed Killer.

Head over to the Mushroom Forest and start looking for the Fruits of Death. The Fruits of Death are white fruits with eyes and mouth resembling the kind of eyes and mouth you'd find on a Jack-o-Lantern. Two of them can be found around the highest platforms of the area, while the other three are located more close to the ground.

Once the all are defeated, go back to the bar of Baccus Village and talk to the mouse to clear the event.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 死に神の実をつぶせ! (Shinigami no Mi o Tsubuse!) Crush the Death God Fruit!
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