This is the Donglin Forest. The Evil Pig's magic has scattered ghosts all over the place.

—Resident of the Donglin Forest

Donglin Forest (ドングリンの森, Dongurin no Mori) is a location in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. The Evil Ghost Pig has cursed this area, as well as the Laughing Crying Forest and Deep Forest, making the swampy water dangerous to swim in. The name is derived from "donguri" (どんぐり), the Japanese word for acorn.



The area is inhabited by Donglins, human-like creatures dressed in green. Ghost Pigs can also be found here, allowing Tomba to enter a Ghost Sticker.

Before the curse has lifted

The forest is haunted.

After the curse has lifted

Tomba can now swim in the water. No monsters have disappeared.