A gentle tribe living in the depths of the forest, the dwarves are good people with small bodies and honest personalities. The trouble is that Tomba does not understand the language of the dwarves. It may be necessary to somehow learn the dwarves' language.

—The North American manual of the first game

Dwarves are the residents of the Dwarf Forest. In the first game, they can be found in their home village; the Dwarf Village. The father and son from the A Lost Child event also appear in an additional event in the second game.



The dwarves are willing to help Tomba on his quest to defeat the Evil Pigs and break their curses to restore the continent, if Tomba helps them out first.



The dwarves can be found around the Dwarf Forest. Due to the curse and the Evil Pigs, the dwarves are in need of help from Tomba to clear the curse and restore the forest. When Tomba is traversing through the Forest of 100 Flowers, he reaches the Dwarf Village, where the Dwarf Elder gives him the Blue Evil Pig Bag and tells him about the Evil Pigs.

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

In the second game, only the dwarf child and his father from the A Lost Child event can be found where Santa Claus was in Ranch Area during the Bring the Big Sack! event. Note that they only appear after the additional events have been activated in the Mini Temple.


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