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Put on this robe, and you can use some of the Evil Pig magic yourself!
Equip the robe on the Item screen... Press Down + Circle, and you can use magic.


Evil Pig Robes are magical clothing items that Tomba obtains after a boss battle against an Evil Pig in the second game.

When equipped, Tomba can use its power to defeat any nearby enemies. The powers differs between the robes and costs magic when it is used. The magic gauge can be replenished by leaping on enemies.

Evil Earth Pig Robe

The Evil Earth Pig Robe is acquired when the Evil Earth Pig is defeated. When used, it summons spikes that falls down at the enemies nearby, defeating them instantly. It is the only Evil Pig Robe that Tomba can equip while mini.

Evil Flame Pig Robe

The Evil Flame Pig Robe is obtained from the Evil Flame Pig. This robe calls forth meteors to instantly kill any foes on screen. If the curse on the Kujara Ranch hasn't been lifted, wearing this will prevent Tomba from freezing in that area.

Evil Ghost Pig Robe

The Evil Ghost Pig Robe is acquired upon defeating the Evil Ghost Pig. Its power can be used to defeat nearby enemies. Upon defeating an enemy, some amount of Tomba's health is restored.

Evil Ice Pig Robe

The Evil Ice Pig Robe is obtained when the Evil Ice Pig is defeated. The power of the robe turns all enemies in sight into Ice Candy which is used for the Collect Ice Candy event.

Evil Water Pig Robe

The Evil Water Pig Robe calls forth water streams to defeat all enemies on screen when used. It is obtained after defeating the Evil Water Pig.

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