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*[[Masakari Jungle]]
*[[Masakari Jungle]]
|rewards = {{AP|1000}}
|rewards = {{AP|1000}}
|clearloc = Masakari Jungle
|clearloc = [[Masakari Jungle]]
|previous = [[A Refreshing Drink]]
|previous = [[A Refreshing Drink]]
|next = [[I Need a Bomb]]
|next = [[I Need a Bomb]]

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35 I Can't Swim... (オイラ泳げない…, Oira Oyogenai…) is an event in Tomba!. It can be activated very early in the game, but is cleared much later.


Learn how to swim.


In the Ol' Pond, which can be accessed by going through the small house in Forest of All Beginnings, floats a turtle shell above the surface. Jump on it and a cutscene will play where Tomba learns the hard way that he can't swim.

In order to learn how to swim, you must progress in the game all the way to Masakari Jungle, where Charles can be found. He will teach Tomba how to swim.

In other languagesEdit

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese オイラ泳げない… (Oira Oyogenai…)


Sitting Tomba
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