Have you ever heard about the Flower Tears? You can get them from the flowers in the Mushroom Forest, but you need the special bottle.

—The man next to the cage in the Lumberjack Factory

64.png I Need a Tear Bottle (ナミダのビンちょうだい, Namida no Bin Choudai, lit. Get the Tear Bottle) is an event in Tomba!. It is required to defeat the Forest Evil Pig before this event can be cleared.


Obtain the Tear Bottle from the two Bonsugees in the Mushroom Forest.


Talk to the man next to the cage in the Lumberjack Factory to activate the event. He will talk about a Tear Bottle that can be obtained from the monsters, called "Bonsugees", in the Mushroom Forest. The event is activated.

Before taking on the Bonsugees, the Forest Evil Pig must be defeated. If he isn't defeated by now, go and defeat him before progressing in the event.

Head to the Mushroom Forest. Once there, jump to the background where two yellow monsters, the Bonsugees, can be found. In order to defeat these two Bonsugees, Tomba must throw them into each other.

The Bonsugees can be stunned for a couple seconds if Tomba leaps on the side of the Bonsugee, use this opportunity to toss the other Bonsugee into the first one. Repeat this twice to make the Tear Bottle appear as the two Bonsugees disappear. Collect the bottle in order to clear the event.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese ナミダのビンちょうだい (Namida no Bin Choudai) Get the Tear Bottle
Spanish Necesito botella lágrimas
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