Jewels, or Crystals in the US manual, is the name of a game mechanic which allows Tomba to use the magical powers obtained from elemental jewels in the first game. There are three types of jewels found in the game.

In order to collect a jewel, the experience bar must be maxed out for the specific element. The Jewels of Fire and Water are activated with the attack button (Circle by default), removing the ability to use a weapon, while the Jewel of Wind is activated by using the jump button when Tomba is in mid-air.

Jewel of Fire

Fire Jewel Tomba

This Jewel is found in the chimney in the Haunted Mansion and is connected to the Red Hidden Powers event. When activated, it will surround Tomba with a large flame that defeats regular enemies in one hit. If Tomba falls into water when the jewel is equipped, he will take damage even if he has the ability to swim. Tomba cannot use a weapon when it is equipped.

Jewel of Water

Water Jewel Tomba

The jewel is found in Trick Village and is connected to the Blue Hidden Powers event. It surrounds Tomba with water bubbles that defeats regular enemies when making contact with him, just like the Jewel of Fire. This jewel can be used underwater to defeat enemies. Like the Jewel of Fire, Tomba cannot use a weapon when it is equipped.

Jewel of Wind

Wind Jewel Tomba

The last jewel is found beside the nest in Phoenix's Nest at the very top of Phoenix Mountain and is connected to the Green Hidden Powers event. This jewel allows Tomba to perform a double jump by pressing the jump button mid-air. It is useful when crossing larger gaps or areas if the Funky Parasol is also equipped. Unlike the other jewels, Tomba can use a weapon when this jewel is equipped.



  • The jewels cannot be collected unless Tomba has enough experience points, but it's still possible to grab and retract them using any boomerang.
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