Ho! Ho! I am called Kainen. Actually, I was just on a trip too. Maybe we'll meet again sometime.

—Kainen (Town of the Fishermen)

Kainen (ケイネン, Keinen) in the Japanese version) is a supporting character in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. He lives in his house in the Town of the Fishermen. He helps Tomba and Zippo occasionally through the game. He is voiced by Wally Fields.




In the beginning of the game, he can be found outside his burning house. Tomba helps Kainen to put out the fire and gives him a Golden Crab in return. Shortly before leaving the Starting Beach via Win's windmill, he gives Tomba the red treasure chest key before heading back home.

He shows up later in the spa in Kujara Summit. There is only one problem though; there is no hot water, so Tomba has to go and get some for him. After that, he walks away and is later found in the passageway between the Deep Forest and the Circus Town, where he demonstrates powerful magic abilities he uses to destroy a ghost.

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He is found one final time right before battling the Last Evil Pig. He helps Tomba to open the door so that he can go and rescue Tabby. Since this is a point of no return, Kainen warns Tomba to prepare and finish everything he needs to do before progressing, warning the player to clear the events that are left.

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In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese ケイネン (Keinen)


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