Monster birds with large wings and red bodies. They bring "eggs" to the "Village of All Beginnings" and protect them with great care. You'll have a difficult time escaping if you get caught in those sharp pointy claws.

—The US Manual

A red Kokka Bird from the second game.

Kokka Birds are one of the most common enemies in the first game. They make an small appearance in the second game in Ranch Area.

In the first game, Kokka Birds give Tomba red experience, just like the Koma Pigs and the Kokka Crows found in the Haunted Mansion gives him blue experience.

In the second game, two red Kokka Birds can be found next to the entrance to the Tower of Strength in Ranch Area, while a blue Kokka Bird is found in the rightmost part of Ranch Area, guarding an egg containing a reflector needed for clearing the Find Another Reflector! event.



Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

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