Who are you? How did you get in? You what? A scrawny thing like you, wants to fight me?!

—Evil Fire Pig

29.png Lava Caves (マグマの洞くつ, Maguma no Doukutsu, lit. Magma Caves) is a event in Tomba!.


Free the Lava Caves from its curse.


In order to activate the event, Tomba must obtain the Earth Pig Bag, and it can be found in an treasure chest by the entrance in the Lava Caves.

The gate can be found inside the "laughing" door at the Haunted Mansion.

As with all the Evil Pigs, Tomba must throw the Evil Pig into the Pig Bag to defeat him. The Fire Evil Pig will also invoke meteor showers which will in turn break and launch several smaller boulders.

After defeating the Fire Evil Pig, a storm will erupt over the Lava Caves.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese マグマの洞くつ (Maguma no Doukutsu) "Magma Caves"
Spanish Cuevas lava


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