Hi. I didn't think anyone would find me up here. I'm collecting Leaf Butterflies.
There's a legend that the Leaf Butterflies have special powers.
If you gather a lot of them, something wonderful is supposed to happen.

—The Leaf Butterflies collector

91 Leaf Butterflies (伝説のカレハチョウ, Densetsu no Karehachou, lit. Legendary Dry-Leaf Butterfly) is an event in Tomba!. In the second game, there is an event similar to this one, called Collect Snow Fireflies.


Collect 29 Leaf Butterflies for the collector in Charity Square.


This event is activated once Tomba leaps on a Leaf Butterfly. The butterfly is now stored in the inventory.

The required number of butterflies is 30, but since there is already one butterfly in the cage located in Charity Square, you only need to collect is 29. They can be found when running around in Forest of 100 Flowers and Masakari Jungle. When you have collected enough butterflies, go to the collector in Charity Square.

The collector and his cage are located pretty high, and you need to climb a hanging vine to reach him. In order to release the butterflies, you need to use them in your inventory.

If you have enough butterflies in the cage, it will fly up in the sky and transport Tomba and the dwarf to the Hidden Village. The dwarf will take off and Tomba obtains the Golden Leaf Butterfly. The event is cleared.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 伝説のカレハチョウ (Densetsu no Karehachou) Legendary Dry-Leaf Butterfly


  • Tomba sliding down a hill in the Forest of 100 Flowers, causing Leaf Butterflies to spawn.


  • The maximum amount of Leaf Butterflies that can be found in the Forest of 100 Flowers is 25. After that, no more will spawn in that area.
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