This is a list of all minor characters in the Tomba! series. This list contains characters who doesn't have enough background information to have their own articles.


Dwarf Elder

Dwarf Elder.png

Dwarf Elder is the elder of Dwarf Village and only makes his appearance in the first game. He tells Tomba the story of the Evil Pigs and then gives him the Blue Evil Pig Bag which is used to capture the free the Dwarf Forest from its curse.

He also appears in several secondary events in the village.

Dwarf Child

A Lost Child.png

Dwarf Child is the centerpiece of the A Lost Child and Flower Seeds events, where he is lost trying to find some flower seeds.

Tomba's grandfather

The story of the first game circulates around his bracelet, that Tomba loses during an ambush of Koma Pigs. It is mentioned in the manual that he is deceased.

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

Ima, Koma and Rioma

Ima, Koma and Rioma are the three girls in Ranch Area who plays games with Tomba in the Ready Or Not! Here I Come! and Who's the Liar? events. They are all voiced by Nancy Burr.

The Nameless Painter

Found inside the Artist's Atrium in the Mushroom Forest who gives Tomba the More Blue for the Picture! event.

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