For the event with the same name in the second game, see Lost and Found (Tomba! 2).

Now that I think about it... a long time ago a Witch came to this village from across the sea. People say that the strange crystal balls it the forest are something the Witch left behind.

—The dwarf father in the Dwarf Village

107.png Lost and Found (魔女の忘れ物, Majo no Wasuremono, lit. The Witch's Forgotten Item) is an event in Tomba!.


Find and return the three Crystal Balls.


This event is activated when you obtain one of the three Crystal Balls and cleared once the What the Witch Lost... event has been cleared.


Location Image
Head to the top of the Watch Tower and walk all the way to the left until Tomba reaches the cliff. Leap off the side, ignoring the bonuses and land on the platform above the entry door to the far left where the Crystal Call can be found. LostAndFound.png
In Wobbly Wharf, use the pole in the water to swing and grab the Crystal Ball.
To the left of the Leaf Slider entrance in Charity Square. Lost and Found Charity Square.png

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 魔女の忘れ物 (Majo no Wasuremono) "The Witch's Forgotten Item"
Spanish Perdido y hallado
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