Masakari Jungle (マサカリ族の密林, Masakari Zoku no Mitsurin, lit. Jungle of the Masakari Tribe) is a location in Tomba!. The area is a jungle heavily infested with hazards, such as spikes, Biting Plants, cages and inhabitants carrying shields and spears.

The Deep Jungle Evil Pig is responsible for the curse over this area.



The Masakari tribe can be found in the area, as well as drums that will cause Tomba to bounce around uncontrollable.

Before the curse has been broken

The Masakari will try to harm Tomba with their spears and use their shields to block his weapons. Walking into one of the large cages will cause Tomba to lose an extra life. The jungle is also violent-looking, with thorny leaves and black skies.

After the curse has been broken

The Masakari are no longer hostile and the cages will not close itself when Tomba enters them. The surroundings are filled with blooming flowers and the sky is no longer black.




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