70.png Monster Hunt (怪物? 勝てるかな?, Kaibutsu? Kateru ka na?, lit. Monster? Beat It?) is an event in Tomba!.


Defeat the two Bonsugees in the Mushroom Forest.


In the Mushroom Forest, go to the background and read the sign next to the big spikes to activate the event.

There are two Bonsugees floating around in the area. Leap on one of them to make it freeze in place for a while. Use this opportunity to throw the other Bonsugee into the first one when they are close to each other.

When both have been knocked into each other three times, they will be defeated and the event is cleared.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 怪物? 勝てるかな? (Kaibutsu? Kateru ka na?) Monster? Beat It?
Spanish Caza del monstruo
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