Hey, what do you think this it? It's a real unusual painting... It kind of looks like there's an indention here...
I wonder if you're supposed to insert something...
Come to think of it, there's a door with a large keyhole somewhere in this building. I wonder if this has anything to do with that...

—Baccus resident

18.png Painting of a Big Key? (大きなカギの絵?, Ooki na Kagi no Kai?) is an event from Tomba!. In this event, Tomba must collect several key pieces found in the different rooms of the Haunted Mansion.


Fill the painting with the missing pieces in order to obtain the Big Key.


On the north side of the Haunted Mansion, talk to the Baccus resident inside the room with a door above the save point there to activate the event.

Now Tomba must find the five missing pieces in order to restore the painting and get the big key. Each piece has a number, but they can be obtained in any order.

Head back to the room where the event started and select the pieces from the Item Screen to place them into the painting on the wall. Once all pieces are on the painting, the event is cleared and Tomba receives the Big Key.


Item name Location Image
Large Key Panel 1 Found inside the doorless room on the bottom of the east side of the mansion. Large Key Panel 1.png
Large Key Panel 2 Inside the room with a door to the left of the large wooden door leading to the 1,000 Year Old Man on the south side of the mansion, where a health-generating bath also can be found. Large Key Panel 2.png
Large Key Panel 3 Inside the room with a door on the third floor of the south side of the mansion.

The door can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen when standing by the door leading to the room where the Large Key Panel 2 was.

Large Key Panel 3.png
Large Key Panel 4 Found inside the room with the platform-elevator which can be accessed either by entering the doorway on the south side of the mansion or the doorway on the north side.

Use one of the boomerangs to grab it in order to avoid falling into the abyss and lose an extra life.

Large Key Panel 4.png
Large Key Panel 5 Inside the room with the laughing door on the north side of the mansion.

Use the shortcut to the Mushroom Forest on far right end of the south side of the mansion to get a laughing mushroom if you haven't got the Mysterious Mushroom.

Large Key Panel 5.png

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 大きなカギの絵? (Ooki na Kagi no Kai?)
Spanish ¿Cuadro de gran llave?


  • If you leave and reenter the room once the event is cleared, the Key Panels and the Baccus resident are gone.


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