This area is off limits to all else except me, the Stormy Evil Pig. The one and only master of the storms.

—Stormy Evil Pig

26 Phoenix Mountain (大トリの山, Otori no Yama) is an event in Tomba!.


Find the Red Pig Bag and use it to defeat the Stormy Evil Pig.


The event is activated when Tomba reaches Phoenix Mountain for the first time.

In order to clear the event is, Tomba must obtain the Red Evil Pig Bag behind the door with a large keyhole, which can be found in the second part of Phoenix Mountain. The Big Key from the Painting of a Big Key? event is needed to unlock the door.

It can be tricky to reach the door, since it is located on a small platform with nothing but abyss below it. It is possible to reach it by jumping on the smaller platforms to the left of the door or simply jump down to the door from the background layer to the foreground.

The Stormy Evil Pig attacks with Whirlwinds which can push Tomba into the spikes below. As with all the Evil Pigs, the event is cleared once Tomba has thrown the Evil Pig into the Evil Pig Bag.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 大トリの山 (Otori no Yama)
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