Subordinates of the Evil Pigs that rule the world. They love to play pranks and are deceptively clever, but are somewhat lacking in common sense.

—The manual of the first game

Pigs are the servants of the Evil Pigs and the primary enemies in the series. They are introduced in the opening of the first game, and not to mention the cover arts. They carry a pitchfork as their weapon. The most common pigs encountered in the first game are the Koma Pigs; they have a red vest and pink skin. The second game does have different pigs for each area.

In the first game, pigs give Tomba experience points when he leaps on them. Different pigs give Tomba different kinds of experience points; Koma Pigs give Tomba red experience and flying pigs give him blue experience. In the second game, leaping on pigs will fill Tomba's magic gauge, just like any other enemy in the game.

Types of Pigs

Koma Pigs

Koma Pig in the first game.

The pink-colored pigs called Koma Pigs have no special powers, and can only attack with their pitchfork or getting contact with Tomba. These pigs are the most common pigs found in the first game and cannot be found in the second game. They give Tomba pink experience if leaped on.

Devil Pigs

Note: This is not the official name of these pigs.

These flying pigs are found in Lava Caves, carrying around a pitchfork with three teeth. They have the ability to breath fire and transform into small bats at will. They give Tomba green experience and are only found in the first game.

Flying Pigs

In the second game, flying pigs that are similar to Koma Pigs can be found in the Starting Beach. They have the same attributes as the pink Koma Pigs in the first game, with the exception of being purple and has small wings on their back, which allows them to hover for a short period of time. They are only found in the second game.

Flame Pigs

In the Pipe Area, Flame Pigs can be found flying around. Like the winged pigs in the first game; they can breath fire and hover around at free will. They are only found in the second game.

Ice Pigs

Ice Pigs are found in the Ranch Area, sometimes inside a large snowball. They can attack Tomba by jumping into him. They are only found in the second game.

Ghost Pigs

Ghost Pigs are only found in the Donglin Forest and Deep Forest. They have the ability to transform Tomba into a ghost, making him unable to interact with non-playable characters and equipping clothing items, like the Flying Squirrel Suit and the Evil Pig Robes. Tomba is required to turn into the Ghost status ailment in some event, like Ghost Sticker and Collect Snow Fireflies. They are only found in the second game.

Water Pigs

The final type of pigs are the Water Pigs, which are found in the Water Temple. They are a pig-shark hybrid and can attack Tomba by spitting water at him. They are only found in the second game.

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