Pipe Area (パイプ地帯, Paipu Chitai) is a location in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This area leads to Town of the Fishermen, Coal-Mining Town and Trolley Stop. The entrance to Tower of Courage can also be found here.


Pipe Area is, as the name implies, filled with pipes that works as walkways across the area. Deep down below the pipes lies a dark abyss, and is recommended not to jump down in, as the game will be over if that happen. The bottom of the abyss is covered in mud, that can be obtained by lowering and raising the platform under the bridge leading to the hot water tap.

Before the curse has lifted

The abyss below the pipes consist of boiling hot magma, that stops the miners of Coal-Mining Town from doing their work. It is impossible to climb down the chains because of the heat.

After the curse has lifted

The abyss is not longer filled with magma and is now pitch black. If Tomba climbs down one of the chains, he will appear in a hidden area called ...???, where several door leading to different locations can be found. This area will be important near the end of the game.





  • Tomba attacking a Capper with his Ice Boomerang.
  • The Hot Water tap in Pipe Area.
  • Tomba is examining a Magic Flower.
  • Gran is talking to Tomba after the Pull and Open! event.
  • An exploding boulder from the Blast the Rock! event.