This mirror has incredible powers. It will power-up any weapon. Do you have anything we can try it on?


111.png Power Up for Tools!? () is an event in Tomba!. The Grapplejack will be obtained by clearing this event.


Let Mizuno the witch combine two of Tomba's weapons into a new weapon.


Unlike other events in the game, this event won't be activated. After the What the Witch Lost... event has been cleared, head outside and go back inside. Talk to her.

She will now give Tomba the Magic Mirror and clear the A Magic Mirror? event. Afterwards, she will show the powers of the mirror by combining the Grapple and the Blackjack into the Grapplejack. The event is cleared.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 道具が強くなる? (Dougu ga Tsuyoku Naru?) "Tools Become Stronger?"
Spanish ¿¡Recargar para útiles!?
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