119.png Pump Rocks (ポンプ岩のナゾ, Ponpu Iwa no Nazo, lit. Mystery of the Pump Rocks) is an event in Tomba!. This one of the most complicated event, especially if the player hasn't activated any Pump Rocks earlier in the game.


Step on every Pump Rock in the game in order to prevent the Ol' Tree in the Masakari Jungle from dying of lack of nutrition.


When you reach Old Tree Hill, leap on the parrot and the event will be activated after a short conversation. The Ol' Tree in the area is slowly dying from lack of nutrients and needs Tomba's help to get healthy again.

Now you need to step on every Pump Rock until they reach the ground to make them count. Note that you don't need to activate this event before stepping on them. The harder ones to find are in upper regions of Phoenix Mountain and the Lava Caves. Having Baron is an advantage to travel between different locations quickly.

In order to check if a Pump Rock has been stepped on, you can check the color of it. If it has been stepped on, it will shift to a darker shade of orange instead of yellow. After you have stepped on everyone, the event will be cleared.


  • Village of All Beginnings: 4 Pump Rocks
  • Forest of All Beginnings: 3 Pump Rocks
  • Forest of 100 Flowers: 2 Pump Rocks
  • Watch Tower: 1 Pump Rock
  • Mushroom Forest: 3 Pump Rocks
  • Stormy Mountain: 5 Pump Rocks
  • Lava Caves: 2 Pump Rocks
  • Old Tree Hill: 4 Pump Rocks

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese ポンプ岩のナゾ (Ponpu Iwa no Nazo) "Mystery of the Pump Rocks"
Spanish Rocas acordeón


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