All right. So you're going to hoist the Cement? It hardens really fast, so you'll have to hurry!

—Trolley manager

Quick! The Trolley! (急げ! トロッコ, Isoge! Torokko, lit. Hurry! Mine Cart) is a event from Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. Many fans consider this event as the hardest event in the entire game.

After this event and the following one have been cleared, the event Turbo Trolley will be available. It is basically the same event with a faster trolley and a shorter time limit.


The objective is to ride a trolley and deliver a bucket of cement before it hardens. If Tomba make it to the end after 1 minute and 16 seconds or crashes, he will fail the event and have to restart from the beginning.


The best tactic to clear this event is to memorize the whole track in order to know where to brake and where to lean. If the trolley is at a high speed (more than 100 mph), it will be harder to lean into the curves in time.

It is also important to avoid braking where it is not necessary. Leaning into curves helps to keep up the speed. The wheels of the trolley will sparkle when the trolley is braking.

If you lean well in the curves you should only have to brake briefly at two points in the entire race; once at around 22 seconds and once at around 1:05.