A long time ago, the 100 Year Old Man told me a strange story... It goes something like, shake the some powder on the red flower... turn it blue... when red and blue mix... hmmm... uh, oh... I can't remember the rest...

—Dwarf in the Charity Square

73 Red + Blue = ? (赤+青=?) is an event in Tomba!. In this event, Tomba is introduced to the status ailment Taboo, which lets him run faster and jump higher than usual.


Find out what's happening if you combine Blue Powder on a red flower in the Mushroom Forest and then throw it into another red flower.


Activate the event by talking to the dwarf the right side of the large platform in the middle of the Charity Square. He will talk about a story that the 100 Year Old Wise Man once told him. Unfortunately, he can only remember some parts of the story. The story tells about a powder that should be shaken over a red flower to make it blue; after that, the blue flower should be mixed with a red flower.

Now you need to clear the previous event in order to obtain the powder that is mentioned in the story the dwarf spoke about. After that event is cleared, enter the Leaf Slider and obtain the Blue Powder. Directly after the ride, Tomba will appear in the Mushroom Forest.

Now you want to find two red flowers that is close enough to each other to toss the first flower into the second flower. Chose the one you will toss and approach it. Open up your inventory and select the newly obtained Blue Powder. The red flower will turn blue. Leap on the blue flower and toss it into the red flower to make a brown mushroom appear. Leap on the mushroom and Tomba will turn gray. The event is cleared.

Note: You can always obtain more Blue Powder by going into the Leaf Slider.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 赤+青=? (Aka + Ao = ?)


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