87 Red Hidden Powers (かくされた力, Kakusareta Chikara, lit. Hidden Power) is an event in Tomba!. In this event, Tomba is introduced to the first obtainable Jewel in the game.


Find and obtain the Jewel of Fire in the Haunted Mansion.


Note: The Break the Magic Egg! event must have been cleared before this event can be activated.

Talk to the 1,000 Year Old Man in the Haunted Mansion after obtaining the 1,000 Year Old Key to activate the event.

In order to clear the event, Tomba must obtain the Jewel of Fire found inside the chimney on top of the mansion. Note that he can only collect it if his red experience has reached level 10.

Red experience is gained when Tomba leaps on Koma Pigs and red Kokka Birds, which can be found in several areas; including Village/Forest of All Beginnings, Dwarf Forest and Phoenix Mountain. The recommended place to grind red experience is Forest of 100 Flowers, since Koma Pigs spawn endlessly there.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese かくされた力 (Kakusareta Chikara) Hidden Power
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