This road leads to Baccus Lake, but it's very, very dangerous. Don't go unless you really, really need to.

—The mouse standing on the road to the Haunted Mansion

15.png Road to Baccus Lake (海への道, Umi e no Michi, lit. Road to the Sea) is a event from Tomba!. This is another escort mission, where Tomba will make his way through the Haunted Mansion to fix the broken pump.


Go to Baccus Lake.


Activate the event by talking to the mouse blocking on the road to the Haunted Mansion in the west side of the village.

If the previous event isn't cleared by now; go ahead and clear it, because it is essential in order to make progress. Once that is done, head back to the mouse and talk to him.

He will now follow Tomba to the Baccus Lake on his back and give directions from there. He will protest if you try to take a route that is not leading to Baccus Lake. As soon as you have reached Baccus Lake, the event will be cleared.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 海への道 (Umi e no Michi) "Road to the Sea"
Spanish Camino al lago baco
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