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Sandwiches is the name of a food item from the second game that can cure Tomba from status ailments and restore lost health. One sandwich can restore Tomba's health completely.

In order to acquire a sandwich, Tomba must find and cook the specific ingredient before bringing it to the chef of the Cafeteria in Coal-Mining Town. There are three types of sandwiches, each of which cures a different status ailment.

Dried Fish Sandwich

For this sandwich, Tomba needs a dried fish. First, Tomba must catch a small fish in one of the pools of water in the Town of the Fishermen, then hang up the fish in the net next to Kainen's house and leave the area to obtain the dried fish next time he visits the Town of the Fishermen.

This sandwich can cure invisibility.

Steak Sandwich

Two pieces of meat can be found in the cafeteria. However, they need to be cooked in the oven inside the Underground Machine Room, which must be fueled with Power Coal, in order to become steaks before bringing it to the chef.

This sandwich can remove oil from Tomba.

Hash Potato Sandwich

A potato can be found just outside the door leading to the Lift Stop from the Ranch Area. The potato must be boiled twice in the hot water tap in the Pipe Area to become a boiled potato before bringing it to the chef.

This sandwich can cure the laughing/crying ailment.


  • It's not necessary to leave Town of the Fishermen in order to let the fish dry, as it's possible to use a Charity Wing or Baron to teleport to the same area.