Several dwarves have not returned from a hunting party.
We suspect that they might have been trapped by the giant spores and can't move.


07 Save the Dwarves (ドワーフを救え, Dowāfu o Sukue) is one of the events in the first game.


Find and rescue the seven dwarves that has been trapped in the Dwarf Forest.


Note that the A Lost Child event must be cleared in order to clear this event.

Activate the event by talking to the dwarf guard in the Dwarf Village who is standing next to the ladder leading up to the Dwarf Elder.

The dwarves can be found in the Forest of 100 Flowers, Wobbly Wharf, and the Watch Tower. Some of the dwarves are saved by making contact with them, while others only needs to be found in order to be rescued.

Tomba can talk to the villagers to get some information and hints about how to complete the event. The saved dwarves are gathered around the center of the village, so the player can check how many there are left to rescue.

Once the dwarf child has been returned and all of the captured dwarves have been found, return to the Dwarf Village to get some compliments from the dwarves that Tomba rescued. The event is now cleared.


Location Description Image
Forest of 100 Flowers Found under two spores covering the seventh cactus on the road to the Dwarf Village. Remove the spores to release the dwarf. Save the Dwarves 3
Under two spores covering the third cactus (from the right) on the road to the Dwarf Village. Remove them to release the dwarf. Save the Dwarves 2
Grab the seventh hanging spore (from the right) and release it to make it bounce upward, which releases a trapped dwarf. Save the Dwarves 5
Grab the second hanging spore and release it to make it bounce upward to release a dwarf. Save the Dwarves 4
Wobbly Wharf Hanging from a spore. Make contact with it to release him. Save the Dwarves 6
Watch Tower Hanging inside a spore high above the first part of the area. Use the green swinging poles to advance upward. Make contact with the spore to release the dwarf. Savethedwarves
Hanging inside a spore that is hanging to the right of the previous one. Make contact with the it to release the dwarf. Save the Dwarves 7

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese ドワーフを救え (Dowāfu o Sukue)


  • The dwarves celebrating the rescue.
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