Suits are equipable items in the second game that gives Tomba special abilities, such as gliding, swimming and the ability to speak Pig language. They can be obtained by clearing events and found in Treasure Chests. Most of them are essential to progress in the game.

Locations and effects

Icon Name Effect Obtained
Bird Clothes.png Bird Clothes Ability to glide for a couple seconds before falling. Reward for clearing The Stuck Fishhook Line event in the Waterfall of Heavens.
Flying Squirrel Suit.png Flying Squirrel Suit Allows Tomba to glide while jumping and also protects him from being frozen in the Ranch Area and Ranch Summit. Inside a green treasure chest near the traveler in a green clothes.
Pig Suit.png Pig Suit Allows Tomba to both speak and comprehend Pig language and enables a hip attack that can be used if the player presses the jump button when Tomba's mid-air. Inside the closet in the Circus Warehouse.
Swimming Pig Suit.png Swimming Pig Suit Upgraded version of Pig Suit that allows Tomba to swim and retains all properties from the Pig Suit. Reward for clearing the A Mermaid in a Water Tank! event in Water Temple.


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