105 Tears from a Flower (お涙ちょうだい, O Namida Choudai, lit. Sob Story) is an event in Tomba!. The items from the I Need a Tear Bottle and Monster Hunt events are needed to clear this event.


Obtain tears from the giant yellow flower in the Mushroom Forest.


Note: The Leaf Slider event must be cleared before this event can be activated.

Go to the Charity Square and ride the Leaf Slider. Tomba will appear in the Mushroom Forest next to a strolling dwarf. Talk to the dwarf to activate the event.

In order to progress in the event, the Tear Bottle from I Need a Tear Bottle event and the Rise and Shine Powder from the Monster Hunt event is needed.

When both items are obtained, head to the right from where the dwarf is found and drop down to a platform right below. It is recommended to equip the Funky Parasol to avoid falling into the pit. A yellow large flower can be found in the background, stand under it and use the Rise and Shine Powder to make it bloom. It will start to shed tears, so equip the Tear Bottle and let one of the tear drops fall into the bottle to clear the event.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese お涙ちょうだい (O Namida Choudai) "Sob Story"
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