Listen... I just came back from the Village of All Beginnings. While I was there I saw here... the Witch! Her name is Mizuno and...well...she's really cute! Oh, I wish I could see her again!

—Worker in the Y-crossing

97 The Cute Witch (かわいい? 魔女ミズノ, Kawaii? Majo Mizuno, lit. Cute? Witch Mizuno) is an event in Tomba!. This event introduces a new character, but since it is a secondary event, the player can easily miss her.


Find the cute witch in Village of All Beginnings.


After clearing the We Need Power... event, talk to the man in the Y-crossing to activate the event. He will talk about a cute witch he met in the Village of All Beginnings.

Head to the Village of All Beginnings and walk through the door found under the Kokka Bird nest. Talk to the woman inside and she will introduce herself as Mizuno the witch. The event is cleared.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese かわいい? 魔女ミズノ (Kawaii? Majo Mizuno) Cute? Witch Mizuno


  • The door leading to Mizuno's house is shown behind Tomba.
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