The owner of the Haunted Mansion? Who knows? Who cares? We rule the Mansion now!

—Pink Evil Pig

30 The Haunted Mansion (シーフマンション, Shīfu Manshon, lit. Thief Mansion) is an event in Tomba!.


Use the Pink Evil Pig Bag to locate and defeat the Evil Pig who has cursed the Haunted Mansion.


In order to activate the event, Tomba must obtain the Pink Pig Bag in the room with the big keyhole in the Haunted Mansion. The Evil Pig Gate for the Pink Evil Pig is in Phoenix Mountain, in an alcove in the Lava Caves.

The Pink Evil Pig casts lightning spells. Tomba can avoid them by taking note of the sparks which fly off the platform just before the lightning bolt strikes.

Tomba must throw the Pink Evil Pig into the open bag at the top of the level to clear the event and restore the Haunted Mansion.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese シーフマンション (Shīfu Manshon) Thief Mansion


  • The Pink Evil Pig laughs as a lightning bolt is about to strike
  • Tomba throws the Pink Evil Pig
  • The Haunted Mansion restored