I am a fortune teller who can see people' future experiences. Normally fortune tellers will only speak to those with high AP levels but since I am still in training, I will look at your fortune.

—Red Fortune Teller

78.png The Red Fortune Teller (赤の占い師, Aka no Uranaishi) is an event in Tomba!. Another fortune teller can be found later in the game during the The Blue Fortune Teller event who lists the other locations of the Evil Pig Gates.


Talk to the Red Fortune Teller to learn about the whereabouts of the Evil Pig Gates.


Activate the event by talking to her inside the house at the north side of the village. She will introduce herself as the Red Fortune Teller and offers to read Tomba's future. Talk to her again to hear her prediction:

Pink is somewhere really hot...
Green is the mansion on the lake...
Red is awaiting a miracle...

—The Red Fortune Teller

The colors she is talking about represents Evil Pig Gates. "Pink" is the gate of the Haunted Evil Pig which can be found in the Lava Caves; "Green" is the gate of the Fire Evil Pig which can be found inside the Haunted Mansion; and "Red" is the gate of the Stormy Evil Pig which is found in the Charity Square where the dwarves are waiting for the fountain to come to life. The event is cleared after the fortune teller's prediction.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 赤の占い師 (Aka no Uranaishi)
Spanish El divino rojo
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