I want to be an actor that can make people laugh and cry... But it's really hard. I'm not sure how to express emotions.

—Dwarf guarding the entrance to Stormy Mountain

11 The World's Greatest Smile! (とびっきりの笑がお!, Tobikkiri no Egao!, lit. Extraordinary Smile!) is one of the events in Tomba!. The next event is similar to this one, where Tomba has to frown to the guard instead of laughing.


Show a smiling face to the dwarf guarding the road to Phoenix Mountain.


On the right side of the Mushroom Forest is a dwarf guarding the road to Phoenix Mountain. Talk to him to activate the event.

Now head over to the forest and leap on the mushroom on the right in the first group of mushrooms encountered to give Tomba the laughing status ailment. Head back to the dwarf and press the attack button (Circle by default) to make Tomba laugh. The event is cleared.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese とびっきりの笑がお! (Tobikkiri no Egao!) "Extraordinary Smile!"
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