Tomba! is a series of side-scrolling adventure platformers, developed by the Japanese game studio Whoopee Camp under the direction of Tokuro Fujiwara and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation video game console.

The series follows the titular protagonist Tomba, a feral child exploring his world in pursuit of the gold-hoarding Evil Pigs.



The 100 year old man telling the story of the Evil Pigs

After Tomba wakes up after being knocked out in an attempt to ambush a gang of Koma Pigs attacking a villager, he discovers that his golden bracelet has been stolen by the Koma Pigs. Tomba runs towards the Village of All Beginnings and encounters the 100 Year Old Wise Man who tells the story about the Evil Pigs and their obsession for gold. After hearing this, Tomba sets out to find and capture all the Evil Pigs and cleanse the world of their evil.

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

After Tomba receives a letter that his friend Tabby has disappeared. Tomba and Zippo set out to find her. Once they arrive in Coal-Mining Town they discover that Tabby was kidnapped by the Evil Pigs when she refused to give up the bracelet she got from Tomba. Once again, Tomba needs to capture six Evil Pigs to free Tabby and save the world once again.




Tomba can fend off enemies with a equipped weapon or by leaping on them. The latter method gives experience.

In some areas, Tomba can switch between the foreground and background of the area to reach and interact with objects enemies.

Towns and villages are displayed in a top-down perspective where Tomba can walk in any direction and interact with inhabitants of the area, but lacks the ability to jump.

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

Crossed arrows indicating that Tomba can turn 90 degrees and walk on the pipe below him.

While replacing the sprites with 3D models, the two-dimensional gameplay remains the same with some areas utilizing the foreground/background mechanic.




Title Release dates
PlayStation 1 PlayStation Network
Tomba! JP December 25, 1997
NA June 30, 1998
PAL September 4, 1998
JP July 6, 2011
NA June 19, 2012
PAL October 3, 2012
Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return JP October 28, 1999
NA December 31, 1999
PAL June 30, 2000
JP September 28, 2011
NA November 21, 2012
PAL February 18, 2014


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