Town of the Fishermen (漁師の村, Ryoshi no Mura, lit. Fishermens' Village) is a location from the second game. This is the very first location in the game.

The fishermen in the area gives Tomba basic hints how to play the game. This location is not affected by any form of Evil Pig magic.



As the name implies, the population only consists of fishermen, with the exception of Kainen. A shortcut that leads to the Water Temple can be found after crossing the net bridge over to Waterfall of Heavens, as well as the Mouse Village right before reaching the net bridge.




In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 漁師の村 (Ryoshi no Mura) Fishermens' Village


  • Tomba swinging on a pole in order to raise the Fish Drying Net.
  • Tomba standing on a Water Plant with Kainen's buring house in the background.
  • Tomba is climbing a pole with a weather vane on the top.
  • Tomba and Zippo looking down at the lowered net bridge.
  • Tomba is running on the newly raised net bridge towards Waterfall of Heavens.