This Red Key should help you out on your adventures! It can open up all the red chests scattered throughout the land!! But the Red Key only opens up Red Chests. You need to find a key with the same color to open them up!


Treasure Chests is a major game mechanic in the both games. All over the world of Tomba!, treasure chests can be found. They contain everything from health-replenishing items to equipment and important event-related objects.

In order to open a chest, Tomba must own the key that corresponds to the specified chest; i.e. the "1,000 Year Old Key" opens the "Thousand Year Old Treasure chest" in the first game, and in the second game, Tomba must have the key with the same color as the chest (the "Blue Key" opens the blue-colored chests, the "White Key" opens the white-colored chests, etc.).

If the items inside the floating treasure chests found in the Donglin Forest fall down into the water, the content of the treasure will reappear if Tomba leaves the area and comes back.

Locations for the treasure chest keys

The locations of the keys in the both games is located below.


Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return


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