Look, uuhhh, I... I... I haven't done anything wrong... I'm innocent... yes, really!

—The Water Evil Pig

49 Trick Village (からくり村, Karakuri Mura, lit. Gimmick Village) is an event in Tomba!.


Free Trick Village from its curse by defeating the Water Evil Pig.


This event is activated once the The Underwater Pig Bag event is cleared. In order to clear the event, the Water Evil Pig must be located and then defeated.

The Evil Pig Gate can be found inside a bell inside the Clock Tower in the Village of Civilization. Jump into the bell to reach it.

Unlike all the other Evil Pig battles, this fight takes place underwater. The Water Evil Pig will summon sharp shells to attack Tomba with, and occasionally will also create whirlpools which drag Tomba in various directions. The whirlpool in the center will also affect Tomba's swimming should he get too close.

Tomba can grab him by 'rolling' into him. Once he has been thrown into the Evil Pig Bag in the whirlpool, the event will clear and Trick Village will be restored.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese からくり村 (Karakuri Mura) Gimmick Village


  • Seashell attack
  • Captured!
  • Trick Village Restored
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