Oh, fine! If you're going to pout like that, you can have it. It's yours!

—Miner in Haunted Mansion

51.png Unbreakable Wire (丈夫なハリガネ, Joubu na Harigane, lit. Strong Wire) is an event in Tomba!.


Find an unbreakable wire.


Talk to the digger twice inside the small building where the fortune teller in the The Blue Fortune Teller event can be found in order to activate the event.

After doing so, travel to the fountain room in the Haunted Mansion, which is located beside the room where the 1,000 Year Old Man resides, where a miner will hand you the wire.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 丈夫なハリガネ (Joubu na Harigane) Strong Wire
Spanish Cable irrompible
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