Village of All Beginnings (始まりの村, Hajimari no Mura, lit. Village of Beginnings) is a location in Tomba!. It is the first location in the game, where the player learn the ropes.


The area is filled with grass and has several trees and buildings around it. Koma Pigs and Kokka Birds can be found here, as well as Mizuno the witch later in the game.

The mansion can be seen in the background, but cannot be accessed from here.





  • A citizen talking to Tomba in the beginning of the game.
  • The citizen scaring Tomba after jumping down from the small building.
  • Tomba meeting Charles for the first time.
  • Tomba in the other side of the village with a Kokka Bird and a Koma Pig.
  • Tomba encountering a thick fog in the event Clear the Fog.
Sitting Tomba