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This article lists the known voice actors of the Tomba! series.

The first game lacked voice acting, with the exception of one or two animated cutscenes, in contrast to the second game, which stars several voice actors. Many of them lent their voice to several characters in the game.


Character Voice actor
100 Year Old Wise Man Unknown

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

Character Voice actor
Zippo Peter Kepler
Kainen Wally Fields
Charles Peter Kepler
Gran Peter Kepler
Mole Peter Kepler
Ark Peter Kepler
Win Ian Reddoch
Ima Nancy Burr
Koma Nancy Burr
Rioma Nancy Burr
Pham Ian Reddoch
Evil Flame Pig Peter Kepler
Evil Ice Pig Peter Kepler
Evil Ghost Pig Peter Kepler
Evil Earth Pig Peter Kepler
Evil Water Pig Peter Kepler
Last Evil Pig Peter Kepler
Tabby Nancy Burr
Thirsty Traveler Wally Fields
Potter J.S. Gilbert
Miner (Pot Owner) Ian Reddoch
Cook Ian Reddoch
Santa Claus Ian Reddoch
Green Traveler Ian Reddoch
Collector Peter Kepler
Sculptor Peter Kepler
Ghost Man J.S. Gilbert
Mizuno Elaine A. Clark
Infirmed Mother's Son Nancy Burr
Pig Man (Talks About Adventure Events) J.S. Gilbert
Clown Ian Reddoch
Ice Candy Seller J.S. Gilbert
Pig Tribe Leaders Kurt Bodden
Pig Suit Kid Paul Rosa
Blessed Bonze Paul Rosa
Crystal Artisan Ian Reddoch
Mermaid (Inside the Water Plant) Nancy Burr
Priest (Standing on Red Chest) J.S. Gilbert
Mouse (Reddy) J.S. Gilbert
Mouse (Bluey) J.S. Gilbert
Mouse (Whitey) J.S. Gilbert
Baron Paul Rosa
100 Year Old Wise Man Peter Kepler
Dwarf Kid Peter Kepler
Dwarf Parent Paul Rosa
Yan of the Hidden Village J.S. Gilbert

Unknown roles

Following voice actors are listed, but their role is unknown.

  • Timothy Enos
  • Jay Ginsberg
  • Molly Mahone
  • Laura Jean Valentine


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